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July 7, 2015
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The Letterhead

Whenever we start reading a letter or any other forms of it, the first thing we notice is its heading. That heading usually comprises of a name and an address, and a logo or the company’s design and sometimes even a background pattern. The term letterhead refers to the whole sheet imprinted with such a heading. It is also described as the stationary printed or engraved with the name and address of the organisation.

The letterhead is the most important part of any sort of letter be that a formal letter or an informal one. In formal letters while the date is of really high importance, in case of the informal letters the address tend to be a bigger reason for a proper letterhead. Also these letterheads are of great value because a letter is incomplete without this.

To write a proper letterhead, first thing comes is the name of the organisation or the company. The name as always should begin with capital letter and there should be a space provided between the two names, like first and last name. It is followed by the address on the next line. The address should be written exactly below the name. The first letter of the name and address should be aligned one below the other.If you wish to engrave a logo or corporate design, it can be engraved on the paper itself which is trending these days.

Letterheads though seem to be of less use but in actual practise, it is of more use than you will ever understand. It gives the corporate an idea that for whom the letter is meant, whether the CEO of the company or any other person in that firm. Also the letterheads are a good way of making your company earn a name with a good logo imprinted.

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