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October 3, 2018
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October 18, 2018
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Square Business Cards

Many business owners prefer square business cards nowadays due to their unique nature. However, they are not normal business cards despite getting much love and appreciation. Understandably, they are cost-effective marketing tools and carry on the same message as other business cards designs.

Five Reasons You Should Choose Square Business Cards Designs.

Square business cards are easy to carry. Due to their squares design, they easily fit on pockets and wallets without much wear and tear.  This is an important factor as it increases the longevity of your square business cards. In addition, it provides a medium to communicate with you in the future.

The square design is more contemporary designed; having a perfect design for your business cards is an instrumental factor. If you choose a poor quality design, your business cards may end up in the litter bin. That is not the case with the square business cards. They do not require many skills in curating them. In addition, many square templates are online and companies fancy printing them; they reduce waste on paper, are cost-effective, and take less time designing them. Square business cards match many contemporary companies’ logos: of equilateral and squares shapes.

Square business cards capture more attention:  gone are the days when companies relied on traditional business cards. With the uniqueness of square business, you will be rest assured to leave an impression. In addition, square business cards are becoming more attractive and professional; therefore, they have a much audience acceptance rate compared to rectangular business cards. Likewise, their minimalist nature makes them look professional and appealing, not mentioning, clients will easily pocket them, rather than throw them away, as in the case of large traditional business cards designs.

Square Business Card Carry Many Details in Minimal Space. When you need to put many details in your business card and still want to look professional, square business cards are ideal. Understandably, they can carry your email address, name, website name, and contact numbers, among others. In addition, you could fix your company logos on the four edges and marinate it well with the pictures providing it wondrous look. Additionally, square business cards designs could carry your social media handles on one side, company information, and a picture of you on the other sides. This design is the most sort out nowadays and many square business cards of the latter designs are found on Twitter, Instagram, Liked in, and Facebook.

Square Business Cards Pitfalls.

Despite them gaining much popularity, square business cards come with several pitfalls.  It is vital to understand that square business cards are not usual business cards. A large group of people who are accustomed to the old business cards. In addition, they will pocket the square business cards forgetting about using them. As a tradition, most business cards occupy positions on an office desk. Some square business cards are tagged in business card holders, but square business cards do not fit in the latter places.  This could easily make them be less recognisable and limit future communications.

Likewise, their minimalist nature makes it hard to include many details. It is not easy to curate calendars, reminders, or any other notifications on Square business cards. Therefore, square business cards tend to be easily done away with.

Avoiding Square Business Cards Pitfall.

With some small creativity, you could make your square business cards to stand out and make users get accustomed to it. First, you will need to choose stealer small business card designs. There are countless numbers of designs online and depending on your brand or business; you could choose one that matches it.

Avoid putting unnecessary details on your small.

By the mere fact that square business cards are not normal cards, you should avoid pampering them with many details. The simpler and more professional one appears, the greater the chances of them standing out and making an impression.  The best thing to do is keeping the texts simpler and making them be a call to action ones.

Avoid Mundanity in Your Square business cards.

It is not wise to curate your square business cards similar to your competitors, if not everyone else. Try different designs, wording, and make sure that you experiment on different square business designs shapes. This way you will be offering something unique in the market. In addition, there are a lot of square business cards ideas, designs, and technology online. This will help with coming up with standalone square business cards.

In conclusion, Square business cards are a new kid on the business cards block. They are gaining much popularity and many people are starting to use them for their businesses. Nevertheless, it is instrumental coming up with a fabulous square business card design. Many Square business cards design companies will be more than willing to get the job done.



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