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Wedding Card Printing

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All you need to know about Wedding Card Printing.

One of the important parts of the every wedding is the meeting of all the family members and friends for the auspicious occasion. There is no other way which is better than inviting them with a beautiful wedding card. These cards can also be a status symbol, showcasing the wealth of the person to others. Thus Wedding Cards are a must for every Indian Wedding. Hence Wedding Card Printing is a big business. One has to be the best to stay on the top of this ever growing business.

Different ways for Wedding Card Printing:

Wedding Card Printing companies prints them in all possible shapes and sizes. They have a standard format of printing but can also be custom made. There a number of types of printing, for the wedding cards; like

  • Flat printing, which simply uses the ink to print the desired letters on the printing surface and is very cheap.
  • Digital Printing, these uses multiple colours and can be used to make the card more graphical. It is also quite cheap.
  • Thermography, it incorporates engraving at cheaper rate. It involves the basics of Flat Printing and uses resins for printing which rises when heated and gives the finish of engraved words. This has become quite popular nowadays and is quite cheaper as compared to actual engraving process.
  • Engraving, for this the words are first printed of a metal plate, which is then pressed real hard on the back of the paper, which makes the letters of the card rise and gives it an engraved look.
  • Letter press, this the oldest form of Wedding Card Printing and is the classical way of printing. It is the most basic way of Wedding Card Printing, which gi8ves perfectly printed letters in any shape needed.

The processes of Wedding Card Printing have come a long way and there are every type of Wedding Cards that will meet your requirements and budget.

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