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USB Business Card



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We all know what a business card is but how many of us are accustomed with modern days business card- USB business card. Though we all know USB stands for universal serial bus and a business card is usually a card exchanged between two parties during formal introduction, but USB business card is something a combination of the two. For example you bought an external hard disk. Usually it simply has the company’s logo and name on it. But these days’ companies have come up with a new idea of printing everything on an USB drive like pen drives or hard-drive.

They provide the companies an extra edge because a company’s aim is totally fulfilled and nobody would dare to lose his external drives. Also, the portable ones add to the list on company’s favor because everyone carries them and obviously human eyes can’t resist a few things which are not common. Moreover, who would like to carry extra weight in his pocket? For instance, if you own 10 business cards they would certainly bind up to give a large amount of weight in your pockets.

USB business cards can have spaces from a few gigabytes to some thousands of gigabytes. Also when corporates prints their business card over few products, they ensure to give special discount for the fact that more and more customers would be buying those products which would ensure both greater benefit and also a good advertisement policy.

USB business cards are slow and steadily taking over the normal business cards. Though CD business cards are in trend these days but very soon USB business cards will take over the market because of higher data carrying capacity of theirs. Also companies can put up a video for installation of the hard drive on one time basis for better advertisement.

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512mb, 2GB, 8GB

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