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February 4, 2014
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Professional designer would cost $60/Hour. A simple poster would take around 2 hours. You Can Email Us Your Requirement To Find Out How Long It Would Take The Designer To Do Your Job.

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Posters form an integral part of most product promotional campaigns because they allow their users to promote any product to large number of potential customers with the minimum of efforts. In fact, posters provide their users to promote products with their unique requirements in mind without the need of any great improvisations that can drive the cost up. Moreover, advanced poster printing technology has enabled for the creation of the most fascinating number of posters, which can appeal to the target audiences effectively. Thus, these posters provide the most effective and cost-efficient opportunity to their users for the promotion of virtually any product or service under the sun. The posters come in a variety of sizes with the intended users at a luxury to pick one to suit their needs.

Poster printing technology and services have made it possible for the users to customize their posters to an unprecedented level, and make them most effective in attracting the target customers’ attention. The posters are available in a number of different sizes such as the A1, A2, A3, and A4 sized posters to suit the needs of their users according to the demands of any particular promotional campaigns. The choice of sizes means that the users of these posters can have a smaller sized poster for covering maximum space while the larger posters can help dominate any visual space. The availability of advanced poster printing technology means that the posters can carry texts and images in a variety of colors and designs irrespective of the dimensions of the posters.

These days, users can even decide upon the template and other design details of the posters in order to create unique poster designs for their products. The choice of the paper also plays a prominent role in the overall cost of any poster, which the users can select keeping in mind their specific requirements and nature of the promotional campaign. The advances in the poster printing technology allows for availability of fonts in all the radiant colors in both coated and uncoated papers alike. Users can have these posters in a variety of finishes to suit their preferences and marketing needs with options like matte and glossy finishes. They can even opt for recycled paper to make their promotional campaigns environmentally responsible and earn brownie points from many of their target audience. Thus, the posters form an essential part of most promotional campaigns, and the availability of advanced poster printing technology at affordable rates is going to keep it that way.

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500, 1000, 2000

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100gsm gloss full-colour, 150gsm gloss full-colour, 200gsm gloss full-colour, 100gsm matte full-colour


A3, A2

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