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All envelopes come with “Peel and Seal” adhesive

Build your business or event with custom envelopes! Simple details go a long way. With a set of custom envelopes, either for personal or business use, you are able to present yourself professionally. We offer a variety of Envelope options suitable for every business need. If you don’t see what you need here please contact us for a custom quotation.


General description on envelopes 

Envelopes are found in different shapes and sizes like C4, C6, C5 and DL, these are suitable for A4, A6, A5 and 1/3 of A4 papers. There are also Protective Envelops, Gusset Envelops, Padded Bags and Machine Envelops available. You need to choose the envelop type according to you needs.

Types: C4 size envelops are suitable for A4 papers. The dimension of C4 papers are 229mm x 324mm. These envelops are easily available and these are mainly used for sending contacts, brochures and reports. C5 are commonly suitable for A5 size papers or A4 papers which are folded in half. The dimension of C5 paper is 162mm x 229mm. These are commonly used for business letters and mail shots. C6 envelops are suitable for A6 papers or A5 papers folded in half. The dimension of C6 papers are 114mm x 162mm.

These are used for personal use and greeting cards or postcards. Dl size envelops are suitable for twice folded A4 papers. The dimension of these DL papers is 110mm x 220mm. These are mainly used to send single page letters. Board backed envelops are used to provide extra protection to any important documents. They are made using heavy manila board and stiff which makes the back of envelop. This provides a rigid protection to the paper inside. These are used to send photos, contacts or exam certificates. Gusset envelop is used to send oversized items by postal system. They either have V-shaped bottom or block bottom. These are made to hold large items and to withstand heavy wear and tear. These are mainly used to send books, manuals and magazines.

Bubble and padded bags provides protection for valuable, bulky, delicate or heavy items. They are made with a strong outer layer and has bubble lined interior. These have endless uses, but commonly used for books, CD’s and jewellery. Media mailers size envelops are used for posting or storing DVD’s and CD’s.  They have range from envelop sleeve which is ideal for storing and protecting against static to corrugated cardboard’s and dust.

Style: Pocket envelop has opening flaps along shortest edge. Wallet envelop has opening flap along long edge.

Seals: Peals and seals are the easiest and simplest way of sealing an envelope. You just need to pull away the covering strip to use the strong adhesive which seals instantly. Press Seal envelope has two strips of adhesive, one on the body and one on the flap. These two strips are pressed together to have a strong bond. Gummed seal has strip of adhesive on flap which becomes sticky when moister comes in contact.

Weight: The range of weight of an envelope lies within 80gsm to 130gsm. The envelope which is heavy weighted offers extra protection. If you want to make a good impressions then go for 100gsm or more.

Color: You can choose to have either white or Manilla color envelopes. Manilla is slightly cheaper than the other. The white one is used for professional uses and can be used for important correspondence.

Additional information
Paper Type

100GSM Matte, 100GSM White Kraft


Plain Faced, Window Faced

Paper Size

DL, C4


1000, 2000, 3000, 10000

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