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February 6, 2014
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Role of Envelope Printing in Shaping Corporate Identity

There is no more need of sending invitations or intimations to clients and colleagues in a boring white envelope thanks to the latest envelope printing techniques, which has made colorful and fun envelopes truly accessible to all. In fact, users can select from a wide range of envelopes to suit their aesthetics and the occasion while scoring a point or two with the recipients. Moreover, the envelopes can work as a part of the impression that an organization can hope to make on the mind of the audience, particularly in cases of targeted clients receiving promotional materials. Thus, a large number of organizations take quite a bit of interest in various aspects of envelope printing and sizes to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way for impressing their clients.

Corporate organizations get to select each aspect of their envelopes to make it suit the character and values promoted by those organizations. This stands irrespective of whether the envelopes form a part of the corporate stationary or used in case of direct mail campaigns. Therefore, users of these organizations can afford to put in quite a bit into these envelopes with the help of the latest envelope printing technologies.

  • Users can select the size, style, and color of the envelopes because of the high level of customization that has become available. The latest printing technology makes it possible to add images and other elements into the envelopes to make them even more eye-catching to the recipients.
  • Users can also select the design form from the templates available with the envelope printing service providers. The design can be anything from the wallet and pocket style envelope with or without windows. In fact, some of them even allow their clients to decide upon the exact dimensions of these envelopes to suit their unique requirements.
  • Users also get to have a choice of paper with both glossy and matted finishes available as per their specifications. Users can finalize upon the color combination and finishes on these envelopes to make them a fitting part of their corporate identity. In fact, these envelopes can help them in making favorable impression on their clients’ minds without indulging in direct promotion.

Therefore, envelope printing plays quite an important role in helping shape the corporate identity of any organization as part of its standard stationary products. The best practice is to decide upon any one of them only after thorough examination.

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