January 14, 2015
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June 17, 2015
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The major Parameters for sustaining High Quality Printing

With the loads of paper work, commercial designs, pictures to print there is a need for Quality printing everywhere in the country, And for the printer shops to stay ahead of the competition they always a need to deliver high quality prints. Quality printing depends on various parameters.

Parameters related to Quality Printing:

Here is a list of the major parameters that are kept in mind for Quality printing:

  • The Absolute Density of the used ink which must be kept in mind while choosing the ink for the print.
  • The Chromatic Balance is the balance of the colour that should be maintained.
  • The Dot Gain is the parameter for maintaining the dots per square unit.
  • The Contrast of the print should also be maintained for a great finish.
  • Then Trapping measures how well the ink is adhering to the printed surface.
  • The parameter of Edge Determination which provides the information about the amount of defect.
  • Minimum Reflectance is the parameter that will check bar’s darkness.
  • Symbol Contrast will measure the difference of the space that is brightest and the bar which is darkest.
  • Minimum Edge Contrast this will help to maintain the contrast among the adjacent bars and the spaces too.
  • The Modulation tells us about the worst dip of the contrast at any place.
  • Quality of the paper mainly the shade and texture of the paper used for printing is another major parameter that controls the outcome of the final print.
  • The used ink’s unwanted behavior is known as Ink Set off and is a very important parameter in case of high speed commercial printing.
  • The quality of the print also depends on the of printer used for a particular type of printing.

Quality Printing largely depends on the above mentioned points which must be maintained for obtaining perfect results

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