In this competitive world, one needs to stay different to be the leader of them all. When you need your business to flourish, you must let your audience know about your business. Magnetic business cards are an effective way to let the people know about your business. Business needs innovation and creativity, and you can put this to use even in your business cards. It would provide people with all the information they need to know about your business and certainly magnetic business cards are one of the best.

We give you a good option to make your own magnetic business cards. Firstly you should design the cards according to your needs and desire. You need not to worry about colour or shade. Our printing houses have our own design and if you we wish to get a custom one you are most welcomed. The cards are printed on glossy surfaces for best results and multi colours are specially preferred. The size of the card may vary accordance to the end use of the user. Lamination is mandatory as it prevents the card from being spoiled. The magnetic roles are cut in accordance to the size of the printed cards and they are made one using the adhesives.

Though it might seem to comprise of many processes yet these magnet business cards are cheap and eye-catching too. They ensure the growth of your business for sure. These small magnets can easily attach to any metallic surface like fridge, appliances in the kitchen and even inner part of the truck. You can also attach them in cabinets at your home or at office. The material we use is either 200gsm paper or PVC. The quantities are 2000, 3000, 4000and 5000. Though the standard size is 90x60mm, it may be varied according to the users demand.