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Mistakes while designing a letter head

Have you checked your letter head lately? If you are running a business and haven’t updated your letter head, then you might consider updating the letter head now. But before you do so, make sure to keep in mind of few mistakes that often people make. Here in this article you will come to know about few such mistakes.

 Overcrowded Corporate letter head: If you are planning to update a corporate letter head then makes sure that you don’t crowed too much on the top of the letter head. There are lots of thing that you want to include and much information that you need to fill the letter head with. Your letter head may look ugly and overcrowded with many contact details. So you need to plan everything and then design the top part of the letter head. Make sure to leave some empty space on the letter head to give it a corporate look. To do so you can write all the additional information at the bottom of the footer area.

Overuse of color: Make sure that you don’t put too much color on the letter head or else it may appear ugly later on. Your letter will be xeroxed, copied and faxed so the color will not have much effect on the printed copies as they will turn out to be just black and white. It may appear a big black ink spot after running through many Xerox machines and copy machines. It is better to make some Xerox copies first before finalizing the letter head design so that you have a clear idea of the letter head and how it will appear to others.

Overly Detailed Letter Heads: You should not add to much information and small detains on the letter heads. The letter heads will go through many process mentioned above and you will not want your artwork to look blur. After it goes through these processes the letters will be very hard to read and the letter head will be ruined. Sure that you run the processes first and then finalize the letter head.

Realtor Letterheads: You may see glossy and beautiful letter heads and business cards, which many realtors use. But sometimes they are little gaudy and overboard. Don’t try to put your picture on the letter head with beautiful backgrounds. This may seem overdone and many may think that you are into too much of yourself rather than the business. You should design a letter head that is of your business and company not on you.  It doesn’t matter that what will you do with the letter head but do not design a letter head that you be unappreciated later, this may cause harm to you and your company. Instead you may concentrate on your company’s aim and details of its works. Then design a letter head that will communicate with others. Keep in mind that this is the first impression of your company and you need to do it right with setting the right tone and mood of your company.

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