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Different types of Printers and How Printing Machine Works

All the offices of city and schools need a whole lot of paper work to carry on their day to day work. Thus there is always the need for Printing Machines. How Printing Machine Works needs to be understood by the handlers to print high quality prints of every documents or designs. To know How Printing Machine Works one has to have clear knowledge about the parts of the machine. These machines are electrochemical devices which have the ability to convert the raw electronic graphical documents into form that can be physically handled. How Printing Machine Works and the quality of the print depend on the resolution, speed of machine, the pixels etc.

Different types of Printers and How Printing Machine Works:

Here is the list of various types of printers and the way they work:

  • Laser Printer, which possesses multiple functions, and it employs the Xerographic way of printing and is way different than the analog machines. LED printers too employ the same methodology.
  • The Phase Change Printers uses Solidified Ink Sticks which liquefies and is flows into the printer-head, which does the work of spraying ink over the drum which is oil coated. These have a drawback i.e. they consume high amount of energy.
  • Dye Sublimation Printer, here heat transfers the dye on to a surface of plastic, paper etc. These printers are high quality photographs, graphics and are not that good for texts.
  • Dot Matrix Printers, the printer is mainly used for low cost printing and use a series of quite small pins, which transfers the inks on to the printing surface
  • Liquid in Electrostatic Printers, uses papers coated with chemicals and it gets by charged by head of the printer according to the graphics of the document.

More or less this is How Printing Machine Works. Thus you can always choose printers according to your printing needs.

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