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June 30, 2015
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Flyer-the paper advertiser

[Last updated: July 29th 2016] Flyer is a form of paper advertisement usually meant for wide distribution and typically posted hand to hand to the audience. It is usually form of one sided printed media is usually handed out in places which are highly crowded or where they would find the audience which would be interested in that particular organisation, for example usually coaching centres distribute their flyers outside a school.

Though flyers are an excellent to advertise on a low budget, as printing them is easy and cheap but they won’t do any good  unless other necessities are put down to good use. Like you should have enough manpower to place those under the wipers of cars parked outside, to leave at least a couple of them at every office or at their reception or to tape them to front doors of the houses. Also people doing this work should be aware of various illegal activities that might be reported for the same, like slipping in a flyer through a mailbox is one such activity.

Flyer should be made with a catchy photograph relative to the company along with a good text. The text should catch everybody’s attention at least to read the text once. Make sure you don’t forget to provide your contact details somewhere on the flyer. These days’ people prefer providing half information on the flyer as it keeps people wondering what would be there in the pot and thus more than 50% of the people approach the company which is a good marketing scenario.

These days use of flyers has increased exponentially. Due to the low budget and its ability to cover large audience makes it favourite for any company. Moreover it can be used to spread a message or as a piece of information that is pretty helpful.

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