Yes, if we are designing the artwork we keep coming back to you to confirm your order. But in case you are providing your artwork then it needs to be printable.


Print ready files details can be found here:

The files to be provided for print: Trim, Internal Bleed, External Bleed

The trim area is the final size of your print job (always include trim marks).

When creating your artwork, ensure your artboard is set up as the trim size of your design.

Use the document set up to define trim and bleed, never do it manually on page.

Internal bleed: 3mm (5mm on all booklets)
Keep all important information away from this area

External bleed: 3mm (5mm on all booklets)

Your job is printed on a large sheet and then trimmed to size. External bleed is the area extending past your trim area, which allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your work is being cut to size.


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