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Envelope-keeping everything

An envelope is a common packaging item which is usually made of thin flat material. It is intended to keep flat items such as cards or letters and to post them. It is made by cutting a paper in shape of a rhombus or a kite. The paper is then folded in the traditional way and a rectangle like shape is obtained. One side of the envelope is kept opened to put in any document you wish.

The first known envelopes were quite different from today. They were not made of papers but of clay. They were used for private transactions with financial tokens inside them. The first paper envelope was developed in china around 2nd century BC. From then the journey of modern envelopes, they have changed a lot. Now we can get envelopes in many sizes according to our needs. There are various types of envelopes too like the windowed envelope or security envelope used for different purposes. The windowed envelope enables you to read the address printed inside the letter while security envelope has special tamper-resistant feature.

These days many other types of envelope are available too. Companies tend to print their company’s name, logo and other important features on one side leaving the other blank for postal address. This thing enables a company for indirect advertisement. Also when you want a different body colour of the envelope they are available too, though you need to spend a few more bucks on them.

Envelopes are of wide use these days. From carrying important documents to handling them over to other officials or to mail them in somebody’s mailbox, it is of really important use. Envelopes are also cheap and made of recyclable paper which enhances their characteristic and their usage to such a wide range.

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