If you run an industry which is based on delivering any product to the customers, you wouldn’t be a stranger to this term. Almost every manufacturing industry uses a carton either to deliver its raw material or may be finished goods. A carton is a box or container made of paperboard or fibreboard. It may be used for packaging a wide range of products. A carton may also be referred to as a box.

There are multiple types of carton available in the market. Folding cartons, egg cartons, aseptic cartons and gable top cartons are a few examples. These cartons can be a great way for companies to advertise their products. These cartons are transported from one place to another and sometimes from one city to another. If the body of carton is imprinted with some information about the company, well it could help them in expanding the business.

The first basic necessity is that the colour should be catchy enough. Also if you are getting something printed on in, a text about the product or company make sure that it has a lasting effect on human mind. Also carton comes in various shapes and sizes and thus a corporate firm can design every other carton in a different way so that it would add diversity to their advertisement policy. A company should plan to engross enough number of cartons to reach most people’s eye, but not too much of a kind as that would make people lose their interest.

These days with growth in policies like door-to-door delivery and online shopping being so common, use of carton boxes has certainly increased from what it earlier use to be. Also a printed carton box can add as a way for quite cheaper way of advertisement in quite effective way for any company.