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July 30, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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Business cards print-a necessity

Business cards are cards that bear business information with regard to a corporate or an individual. Mostly they are shared during formal introduction sessions which mainly comprises of the first meeting of two individuals or group of people from two different corporates. They are shared as a memory aid. A business card generally includes giver’s name, company’s affiliation along with the logo, and contact information which comprises of street no, telephone no, fax no and usually website. Sometime individual attaches their email id too. These days’ people also provide their social media links of twitter and facebook for better publicity.

Business cards are printed on various forms of card stock. The various visual effects, method of printing and cost vary according to the cultural preference. The general weight of business cards that are printed on stock varies but can be taken as 350 grams per square metre. High quality business cards are printed using spot colours on sheet-fed offset presses. These days most people tend to design their own business cards which they can get printed from any shop nearby.

These days these business cards have taken other forms too. There are compact disc business cards and USB business cards available in the market too. These two things have the name and details of corporate engraved on them and along with it they have a storage memory too. The Compact Disc business cards hold about 35-100 megabytes of data while USB can hold up to some gigabytes.

Though business cards were hardly used in previously but its use has increased exponentially these days. From the smallest firms to an individual who aspire to flourish his business takes help of business cards. Moreover they are quite cheap and can be designed as per your wish. A call made by taking your number from your business card may make your whole life.

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