calendar_0It doesn’t matter where you are, whether at your home or at work, a calendar is must everywhere. It enables you to keep a regular check on your work, mark the days for future relevance so that you might forget the important work you need to do. It also helps as it allows a firm to fix meetings, helps an individual to maintain his daily records and thus benefiting the corporate for which the person works. Moreover beside this, calendar adds to aesthetic beauty.

We provide you with calendars and alongside you can even wish to design your own calendar. We have professional designers with us who charge $60/hour for designing any sort of calendar. Designing a normal calendar would usually take up 2hours approximately. You can even mail us about your requirement and we can tell you the approximate time the designer would take to design your calendar.

We make A4 size calendars, which comprises of 28 pages including the cover. The cover is 250gsm cover with choice of matte or glass laminate. Inside pages are 150gsm text. We provide wire bending at the top. We provide the calendars in round figure of hundred. Mainly it includes 100, 200, 300, 400, 500and 1000.

In the designing section we provide you the opportunity of uploading your own design for the calendar. Thus if you don’t wish to spend money for professional designers, you surely can upload your own design as per your wish.

Though calendars are so very easily available, but not every other firm uses the specifications we use. We are a company that believes in customer satisfaction and we follow the specifications that we have already mentioned. Also we enable you to get a print done on both front and the backside which is not available easily.