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November 26, 2014
The major Parameters for sustaining High Quality Printing
June 9, 2015
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To Advertise Printing capabilities of any printing firm, one first needs to know the various types of printing processes that are used by them and here is a list of the processes used in Printing:

  • To Advertise Printing, one needs to know about Offset Lithography process of printing which is considered by many as the most “value for money” process of printing and is hence is a highly preferable one. This process prints at a very high rate and the print quality is also excellent. In this process ink sticks to places having images as the roller plates passes through water and ink; and then the ink is transferred onto the paper.
  • Letterpress is the classical way of printing and is still used in some places, though it is losing its importance with the advent of the printing technologies.
  • For printing images of excellent quality Digital Printing is used. With digital printers, images and texts can be directly from the computer. Though the drawback of this printing is the high cost of the ink and also the paper used for printing.
  • Then to Advertise Printing, one also needs to know about the process of Engraving which gives a feel of raised images on the paper or engraved images, thus making the image more attractive. Though it has limited usage in stuffs like Logos, letterheads and so on.
  • Then last but not the least there is the process of Electrostatic printing, which does not make the use of ink and neither ink plates. Rather the paper uniformly gets coated by zinc oxide, which is an insulator when in kept in darkness and acts as a conductor when it gets exposed to a light source. It is used for printing things like Maps and is a very fast process, which is also the reason behind its popularity.

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